Cutlass Carver Widebody Ski

Cutlass Carver - A wide forebody design for big carvers

This superb carving ski is a winner in all circles.
A super side cut parabolic shape that cuts and carves on demand. Full bevel edges and a deep dish concave ensures that the Cutlass is equally at home in a competition slalom course or free style skiing wherever H20 exists ! And, the wide forebody design is ideal for heavier persons to ride at slower speeds and yet still make smooth effortless carving turns. 

Available with Front Hi-Wrap Lace Up Bindings and
Rear Toe Plate OR ‘Track Lock’ Adjustable Binding.
Size: 165 & 170 cm - # RM-917

Ron Marks Cutlass Carver Slalom Water Ski
Ron Marks Cutlass Carver Slalom Water SkiSlalom Water Ski Boot
$625.00 Incl GST
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