Pocket Rocket Pack

Pocket Rocket PACK
Pocket Rocket Ski Tube + 500TT Single person tow rope + Tornado Pump

The convenience and quality of three perfoRMance products bundled into one fantastic package !

This includes three HOT ‘RM products:

  • Pocket Rocket Ski Tube. Ideal for one or two riders. Four padded grab handles. Strong rip stop nylon cover. Qik-Link towing harness. Size: 140cm  #RM-1010
  • Multi braid Ski Tube Tow Rope 7 mm x 500kg. Ideal single rider. #RM–500/TT
  • `Tornado’ Pump - Advanced design. Large air volume. Heavy duty, double action push, pull pump. Ideal for use on all ‘RM’ inflatable items. #DP-DA65C
Ron Marks Pocket Rocket Ski Tube Pack
$130.00 Incl GST
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